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Atlona HDMI and VGA/Audio to HDBaseT Wall Plate


Model Number: AT-HDVS-TX-WP

Atlona’s HDVS-TX-WP switches between HDMI and VGA/audio inputs, digitizes, and transmits the signal via HDBaseT. With auto-switching and auto display On/Off, it automates display control when installed with the HDVS-RX.

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Analog to Digital

Atlona HDVS family was designed to smooth the transition from analog to digital displays, allowing advanced HDMI display devices to be used with all the VGA computers still in use.

The HDVS-TX-WP wall plate transmitter offers auto-switching between HDMI and VGA inputs. HDBaseT and power over category cable (PoCc™) allow the sources to be up to 230 feet (70 meters) from the display. A single category cable carries both signal, control, and power. Combined with HDVS-RX, display power is easily controlled with the wall plate. Auto Display On/Off eliminates the need for a control system.

Atlona Advantages

  • Works with HDMI and VGA up to 1080p/1920x1200
  • Digitizes VGA and audio for single cable to receiver
  • Benefits when used with HDVS-RX
    • Auto Display On/Off
    • Auto Switch inputs
    • HDCP management for use with teleconference systems
    • Set preferred input resolution
    • PoCc to transmitter (no power needed at HDVS transmitter)
    • Enables display control from HDVS-TX-WP
    • RS-232 input selection from 3rd party controller
    • Easy to use software simplifies RS-232 programming
  • Optional UK 2-gang wall plate AT-HDVS-TX-WP-UK

Suggested Receiver and Transmitter

  • AT-HDVS-RX - Atlona HDMI HDBaseT RX Scaler Box
  • AT-HDVS-TX - Atlona Dual HDMI and VGA/Audio to HDBaseT switcher
  • AT-HDTX-WP - Atlona HDMI to HDBaseT Transmitter Wall Plate
  • AT-PS-POCC - Mid-Span Power Supply
  • AT-UHD-CLSO-612 - 6 input multi-format switcher with HDVS compatible inputs

Please note:HDBaseT performs at 230 feet (70 m) @ 1080p over CAT6a/7 and 197 feet (60 m) @ 1080p over CAT5e/6.

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Bandwidth 6.75Gbps Power Consumption 17.2W
Video Video: up to 1080p
VESA: up to 1920x1200
Installation Dimensions
(H x W x D)
2.46 x 3.5 x 1.38 (inch)
62.44 x 89.02 x 35 (mm)
Audio passes through up to Dolby TrueHD
or DTS-HD Master Audio
Weight 0.73 lbs
0.33 kg
Distance 230ft @ 1080p over CAT6a/7
197ft @ 1080p over CAT5e/6

32°F to 104°F
0°C to 40°C
-4°F to 140°F
-20°C to 60°C
Wall Dimensions 2 Gang (US & UK) HDCP Compliant? Yes
Certifications CE, FCC, RoHS, cULus for power supplies

Package Includes

• 1 x AT-HDVS-TX-WP • 1 x Wall plate cover (US or UK)
• 4 x Screws (US wallplate) or 2 x Screws (UK wallplate) • 1 x User Manual

AT-HDVS-TX-WP Downloads

Download Control Software Version 1.1.0 Download Control Software Version 1.0.1
File Size 1523 KB File Size 1516 KB
Date 05.01.14 Date 01.02.14
Software 1.1.0:
      • RS-232 control software for HDVS-RX. Program connected
        transmitters (AT-HDVS-TX-WP or HDVS-TX) to turn on/off
        displays with the push of a button, or control video and
        scaling on the HDVS-RX.
        Compatible with HDVS firmware 1.1.0
Software 1.0.1:
      • RS-232 control software for HDVS-RX. Program connected
        transmitters (AT-HDVS-TX-WP or HDVS-TX) to turn on/off
        displays with the push of a button, or control video and
        scaling on the HDVS-RX.
        Compatible with HDVS firmware 1.0.1

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UK Version

Extenders Best Practices
Set up and description of Atlona's HDVS products
  Can I use the analog audio input + HDMI video?
  No, the analog audio input is only for the VGA input.

  After I push the Display On/OFF button, the light flashes and will not respond until the light stops flashing?
  There is a timer that can be set that will disable the button after being pushed for a period of time. The timer can range from 0-300 seconds (default is 0 seconds). This can be adjusted through the on screen menu under Others/ProjSW mode.

AT-HDVS-TX-WP Firmware

Download Firmware version 1.1.0 Download Firmware version 2.1.0
File Size 181 KB File Size 181 KB
Date 05.01.14 Date 10.13.14
Update 1.1.0 Includes:
      • Updated HDCP for Apple PCs
      • Added internal EDID configurations for better compatibility
      • Auto ON/OFF commands for display when an HDMI
        source is detected
      • Added HDCP reporting modes (set to compliant,
        noncompliant, and auto)
Update 2.1.0 Includes
      • Factory firmware for revision "C" products
      • Enables Windows 8.1 and Apple PC firmware upgrading
      • Firmware cannot be loaded onto products with V.1.1.0 or